2020 FTC 7172 Interest Form
The purpose of this form is to allow upcoming members to test our team and for us to do the same thing.

Here is some basic team info you should know:
- Our team communicates using Discord and Google Drive
- Meetings take place at a house near Rice Middle School in Plano
- This is a private team (no school affiliation)
- In the summer our meetings don't always follow a regular schedule, but are typically a weekend afternoon and a weekday afternoon or evening
- During the competition season (after school starts) we generally meet Sunday afternoons and 1 or 2 weeknights
- Competition season starts in mid September and lasts until the world championship in April
- Our meetings usually last around 4 hours, but can be shorter or longer based on progress

7172 gets a lot of inquiries about joining our team, and we have specific needs/goals we are trying to fill, so we tend to be selective in membership. We use our summer and early season meetings and activities to evaluate potential new members for the team, and generally make our final membership and team roster decisions by mid-to-late September.

General requirements for all team members:
- Cost of $350 per season plus travel (North Texas and possibly events in Arkansas / Oklahoma / other)
- Must have a sense of humor
- Must like music
- Must be able to work with others
- Must be committed
- Must communicate outside of team meetings using team discord, google drive, and fusion 360
- Must be able to work outside of team meetings (Ex: Making a cad model or writing or section of the notebook)
- Must be willing to learn

Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have to pmichaud@pobox.com .
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What is your First and Last Name *
What school will you be attending next year? *
What grade will you be in next year?
What experience do you have? *
What is the primary job would you like to have? *
What is the secondary job would you like to have *
Can you come to meetings over the summer? (generally on Saturdays or Sundays, but also some weekday afternoons) *
Can you come to Sunday afternoon meetings during the competition season? *
Can you come to weeknight meetings during the competition season? (Typically 1 or 2 evenings each week.) *
Why should you join the team instead of someone else? *
What are your thoughts on how you can contribute to documentation or outreach?
Do you understand that just because you come to meetings over the summer, you aren't entitled to being a member in the 2020-2021 season. One purpose of our summer and early fall meetings is to evaluate candidates for membership. *
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