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Friday, June 22 - Sunday, June 24th 2018, Black Sun Lodge and Golden Thread Camp present a unique gathering for current sitting Body Masters: The Body Master’s Unconference!. An unconference uses Open Space Technology to create a dynamic, fluid conference where participants bring their knowledge and passion to the event. Unlike the typical conference where a set schedule is planned weeks or months in advance, the classes are developed at the beginning of the meeting by the participants themselves.
The theme for this conference is “Solve Et Coagula”. The last time a large group of Body Masters got together at NOTOCON, we focused on issues that we were experiencing in our local bodies. At this conference, we will be theming discussion around finding solutions. Attendees are encouraged to share their passion and knowledge of leadership and problem solving-based topics.
Different teaching methods including round table discussions, hands on workshops, practice sessions,  etc can all be conducted within the unconference space.
The weekend’s festivities include a Meet and Greet on Friday at Black Sun Lodge, the unconference itself on Saturday (including lunch buffet and all day snacks/drinks) plus an evening ritual and a pancake breakfast/further discussion on Sunday.
The cost for the weekend, excluding an optional Saturday off site dinner, will be $50. The unconference will be taking place at Black Sun Lodge in the Valley of Cleveland, Ohio
Limited local hospitality is available on a first-come, first-served basis.
We hope to see you at this unique gathering of leaders!
NOTE: This event is for currently sitting local body masters only.
If you have any questions please contact Andrew at
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