GOSA Photo Order Form 19/20
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Apologies for the delay releasing the photos this year, due mainly to covid and extra pressures on volunteers, but also some unexpected issues with the digital files. A small number of the pictures have unfortunately been corrupted. If there are no photos of your child, they may have been away from the class during the photo session or they may have been one of the very small number whose files are not available.

Please view the photos via the link on the website. There may be a number of photos of your child. Please make a note of the file name(s) of the photo(s) that you want to select of your child/children.

Select all of the photos you want to order. If you want to order more than one of the photo version for a child, please complete on e photo option section for photo version. (Eg Lisa photo 1 and Lisa photo 2, separate order.) Make a note of the total of your order. PAYMENT WILL BE TAKEN IN ADVANCE THIS YEAR- you will receive an invoice by email over the easter holidays- Invoices must be paid by 20th April, the second day of term. NO PHOTOS WILL BE ORDER WITHOUT PAID INVOICE. Photos will be sent home with your child in a bookbag.

Parents and professional photographer, Tom Russell, took the Individual photos and Nathan took the class photos. Prices are considerably cheaper than commercial school photos. This project usually raises around £2500 for the school.

Order deadline is Monday 19th April 2021
Invoice payment deadline is Saturday 1st May 2021.

Any queries email us gosanews@gmail.com

Link to view photos: https://forms.gle/MyszUjBZgrKzRDE29
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