Sentinel Hub Custom Scripts Contest
For contest participants, who do have a GMail account
If you do have a GMail account, please go to the submission form at this address:
For contest participants, who do not have a GMail account.
Before answering the form, compile all your files (script, images, supplementary material) and use WeTransfer ( to send them to
You will need to enter the WeTransfer download URL in the fields below.

Content should be in English language.

When your script is ready, submit it in this form. You can update your submission by uploading a new one.

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Describe how your script works, what it is good for, limitations (e.g. only works in some area), etc. The description can be up to 3000 characters long.
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In case your script is based on existing research please provide the appropriate citations here.
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WeTransfer URL of the 1 to 5 images (each separately), representing results of the script
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Supplementary materials
In case additional information are relevant for understanding of the script, compile them in one PDF and add WeTransfer URL here.
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Terms of participation
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By handing in a script you confirm to be the sole author(s) of the script and to have the necessary rights to do so. The script will be licensed under CC BY license and you allow the script to be added to Sentinel Hub's custom script repository
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