North Atlantic Hurricane Data
Answer the following questions after observing the satellite photos of hurricanes and after using the hurricane tracking tool.
Include your full name(s). For example, Gabriel Fahrernheit
Your answer
What is the name of your hurricane?
Your answer
What year did your hurricane occur?
Your answer
What is the gender of the hurricane's name?
Spin direction
Examine the satellite photos of hurricanes. Which direction do hurricanes appear to rotate?
Which best describes the eye or center of the hurricane
What is the maximum category that the storm reaches
What month is the hurricane in. Select the month where the hurricane's windspeed is highest.
Where does this hurricane originate? Select the best option
Highest speed?
Where is windspeed highest?
track of the hurricane
Which direction does the hurricane appear to hook as it moves?
Does hurricane cross the equator?
pressure vs speed
Examine the graph of windspeed and air pressure for your hurricane. What best describes the relationship between air pressure and windspeed?
Which of the following US states does the hurricane hit first?
windspeed and landfall
What happens to the wind speed when the hurricane hits land?
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