Deconstructing Equity
On May 4, from 9:00-11:00 a.m., Dr. Nita Mosby Tyler of The Equity Project will offer, by Zoom, a workshop on what equity is, why it matters, and how it applies to our daily lives.

This workshop provides an opportunity to explore the multi-faceted (and sometimes, complicated) world of diversity, equity and inclusion in an environment that promotes sharing, learning and transformation.

Objectives include:
• Deconstructing the definitions of diversity, inclusivity, equity, equality, and fairness in a way that allows for a better understanding of bias and the continuum of equity
• Discussing what it takes to build systems of diversity, equity, and inclusion
• Using the Continuum of Equity model, we will discuss the variety of ways our work and interactions show up in each "lane"
• Explore how our personal power shows up as we explore equity
• Discuss and explore the impact of language on systems of equity
• Discuss and tackle areas of bias and microaggressions
• Explore the components of Imposter Syndrome
• Learn a variety of tips & tools for how to manage/navigate/evaluate in a diversity, equity, and inclusion framework

Note: Thanks to a kind contribution, this workshop will be free to anyone located in Gunnison County. Those outside of Gunnison County will receive a follow-up email upon registering to complete the $25 payment process prior to receiving the meeting link.
What is The Equity Project?
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