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Customer Service!
Did we greet you when you walked into the bakery?
How would you rate the overall customer service?
How would you rate the knowledgeability of the staff and their ability to answer your questions?
Very unhelpful
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How would you rate the professionalism of the staff?
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In your opinion, how could our customer service improve?
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Bakery Products!
How would you rate the quality & consistency of the following products?
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Quality has not been consistent
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Italian Cookies
Sandwiches/Cafe food
Coffee and beverages
Scones & breakfast pastries
Specialty Cakes
Any comments regarding specific items, quality and consistency?
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How would you rate Scafuri Bakery Bread
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Would you like to see more bread options?
How often would you buy the following items if they were available in the shop every day.
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Once a month
Once or twice a year
Only seasonally
Pre-made specialty cakes
Specialty cake by the slice
Whole pies
Fancy Pastries (eclairs, panna cotta, tarts)
French Macarons
Are there any other products you wish we made on a regular basis?
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The Bakery Space
Please select up to 5 words to describe the bakery space.
The presentation of products in the bakery case could be nicer.
The visibility of the product signs and menu options could be more clear and easy to see
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The bakery staff could serve customers in a more timely manner.
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Do you recommend Scafuri Bakery to others?
What do you like most about Scafuri Bakery?
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Can you provide us with any additional suggestions or comments regarding your experiences at Scafuri Bakery?
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