Forest Degradation Storytelling
Log in to ArcGIS with the Biogeography login information (Username: ZABiogeo1819; Password: Zooacademy1819!) and search for the map created for this assignment by copying and pasting the map id into the search bar (map id: 707ec6f7804541819714bdb55233745f). Open the map and take a moment to familiarize yourself with all of the information that is located on this map. If you make any changes to the map make sure you save a new copy (and include your name in parentheses). Use the map to create a storymap about the degrading state of forests (you may not have to use all of the layers). In your story map come up with a compelling question around the framework of "where?" "Why there?" and "Why should we care?". You should include general information about the health of tropical forests, and then the anthropogenic effects on forests (including mining, agriculture, urbanization, and commodity development). Once you are finished share the link to the story map below.
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