Student Survey Fall 2012
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. The Vallejo Adult School is dedicated to providing students with a quality education and positive learning experience. Please complete the survey below to help us identify our school's strengths and the areas where we need to improve. Some of the questions asked will pertain to your impression of the Vallejo Adult School in general and some questions will pertain to the class you are taking right now and the instructor's teaching style. Your identity is anonymous and this will not affect your grade. You may be asked to take this survey more than once if you attend more than one class at the Vallejo Adult School.

Paul Jacobs
VAS Principal

1. Are you an adult student or a concurrent student? Concurrent means that you attend another high school too. *
Which program (s) are you enrolled in at this time? *
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What is the name of the class you are taking right now? *
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2. Do you feel safe when you are at the Vallejo Adult School? *
3. How would you rate the cleanliness of the Vallejo Adult School? *
4. When I registered or went to the main office, I felt the staff was *
5. I feel like the teacher in this class *
6. The teacher in this class *
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7. I prefer it when the teacher
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8. I perform better with lessons *
9. I like to work in class (check all that apply) *
10.The curriculum and content of this class are
11. The teacher in this class is *
12. I feel like the teacher (check all that apply) *
13.I feel like the Principal (check all that apply) *
14. Is the Vallejo Adult School helping you to meet your goals? *
Please provide any suggestions you have to improve our school
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