The Perfect Petite-Friendly Cotton woman shirt
Hello Petite Girlbosses,

We are currently working on our next Petite-Friendly piece of clothing : a Petite cinched cotton shirt.
And we really need your help.

Why a woman's shirt?
A shirt is a must-have in a wardrobe and you can wear it in so many ways and for various occasions.
But it's not that easy to find a shirt with the right measures when you are a short woman.

On top of that, we don't want to offer you a classic/basic woman shirt.
We want to create THE shirt that is going to sublimate your petite body and make you feel like the most beautiful and charismatic woman when you wear it.

With Pauline, our creative stylist, we have many great ideas and we need your help to finalize them. Because your opinions matter and we want to create something that fits your need and desires.
No engagement - unless you want to be informed.
We'd be really grateful if you could help us move on with this project.

In case you don't know us :
Les Petites Ambitieuses is a French Petite-Friendly fashion brand. We combine ethical fabrics, haute couture and French tailoring know-how to create unique, comfortable pieces of clothing that make you look taller and more put together when you are short.

Founder of the brand Les Petites Ambitieuses
So that we can answer your needs, desires and expectations.
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