2023 NCRA Annual Conference Presentation Proposal
The 52nd North Carolina Reading Association Conference will take place from March 26-28, 2023 at the Benton Convention Center in Winston-Salem, NC.

NCRA invites concurrent session and Sunday institute proposals for the 52nd Annual Conference.  Proposals must be RECEIVED no later than October 1, 2022.  Lead presenters submitting proposals will be notified whether or not their proposals have been accepted by December 15, 2019.  Specific dates and times of presentations will not be available until after January 30, 2023.

By submitting this proposal presenters agree to pre-register for the conference and pay registration fees.  (If you are only presenting and not attending the conference, you may register at the one-day rate).  All presenters must pre-register before January 15, 2023.  If this proposal is accepted, it is your responsibility to inform your co-presenters of the proposal acceptance and date and time of the presentation.
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Conference Theme
The following topics serve to inspire rather than to limit proposals.  Choose from the list of ideas, or if other than listed define the focus of your proposal in the abstract.

-Integrating reading and writing instruction
-Reading & writing across content areas
-Early literacy development
-Technology integration and digital literacies
-Differentiating literacy instruction
-Culturally responsive literacy research and practices
-Reading outside the classroom (home, community, workplace)
-Science of reading in classroom practices
-Culturally responsive texts, tasks, and classroom practices
-Literacy leadership & advocacy
-Science of reading for administrators
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NCRA will provide wireless Internet access, a power supply cord, and screen, IF REQUESTED. Each room will also be equipped with a presenter table, podium, and microphone.  NCRA cannot provide any additional equipment.  PRESENTERS MUST BRING ANY EQUIPMENT NOT LISTED ABOVE IF IT IS NEEDED FOR THEIR SESSION. Presenters can rent it from the convention center. 
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These do no have a cost attached, but must be requested on this form. 
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Is there any time or day during the conference when you CANNOT PRESENT?  If yes, please list them here:
SUNDAY INSTITUTES (2 hours): Sunday, March  26th
Sunday institutes are 2 hour interactive sessions that provide collaborative opportunities for participants to explore a topic, strategy, research, and/or current literacy issue in depth.

CONCURRENT SESSIONS (1 hour):  Monday, March 27 and Tuesday, March 28, 202
Concurrent sessions are one-hour presentations which provide an overview of topics, strategies, research, and/or current literacy issues and should include opportunities for active participant involvement.

CONCURRENT WORKSHOPS (2 hours): Monday, March 27, 2023
Concurrent workshops are two hour working sessions that provide instruction and/or guidance on a specific topic, strategy, research, and/or current literacy issue and a collaborative structure or protocol to engage participants in meaningful work together.


Promotion of commercial materials and/or programs - the focus must be education, not sales.
Failure to complete proposal according to guidelines - such as incomplete information.

Keep in mind that it is primarily your title and description that entice attendees to your session, so be as specific and creative as possible!
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Audience *
Session Description for Conference Program *
This is what will appear in the program book.  Limit the description to 50 words.
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