Carbon Monoxide Awareness Survey | OpenRent
50 people die from Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning in the UK every year. We think that's outrageous, so we've teamed up with CO Be Alarmed to increase awareness with this fast, 6-question survey.

Thanks for helping us fight CO poisoning in the UK!

(1/6) Which best describes your current housing situation?
(2/6) Does your home have a Carbon Monoxide alarm?
(3/6) If you do have a Carbon Monoxide alarm , who provided it?
(4/6) Sadly, pets are affected by CO poisoning, too. Do you have any pets (excluding fish)?
(5/6) In what region of the UK is your home?
(6/6) Answer according to your current understanding of the law in your region. In privately rented homes without fuel-burning appliances like wood-stoves, whose responsibility is it to provide a CO alarm?
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