Enlighten Chinese School CFL [Returning Student] 2020-2021 Registration Form
**This form is for returning students only!**

1. The total fee for returning students is $850. This includes $850 for tuition, books, and materials, if register after June 15, total fee will be $880 ( include $30 in registration fees). If you have more than one student attending Enlighten Chinese School, you are eligible for a $30 sibling discount starting with the second student. Please indicate this in the payment section below.

2. If you have more than one student, please fill out this form separately for each student!

3.How to pay:
via Zelle/QuickPay pay to: tuition@enlightenchinese.org
【Open the Zelle app】
【Add a new recipient: tuition@enlightenchinese.org
【If you are prompted for a business name, please enter: Enlighten Chinese School 】
【In the Zelle memo, please write the following information: "StudentFullName - 2020-2021 ClassType". For example, "Sam Smith - 2020-2021 Class CFL2".】

4.When your payment is successful, Please enter the confirmation number in the corresponding question on this form below. If you are a Citibank user, please check "account activity" instead and enter your "Zelle Debit Pay ID".

5. If your bank has an issue with the "daily limit" for payment, it is alright to pay the amount in two installments and enter both confirmation or ID numbers below.

6. If you have any questions, please contact ECS Office at : office@enlightenchinese.org,(650)861-1751,(408)358-4968.
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Student name and current grade as entered on Zelle memo section. For example: Sam Smith - 2020-2021 class CFL 1
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Zelle confirmation number upon successful payment (For citibank users: use Zelle Debit PAY ID shown on account activity)
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