The Merry Tutor Record
All tutors must fill this for each session. Please fill out the first section BEFORE tutoring. The session summary in the last section will be forwarded to parents.
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YOU are the tutor. Please put your full name.
Shadowing Tutor
If there was a new tutor shadowing your session, please show them how to fill out this session summary form and put their full name.
Tutee Name (First Last) *
The person you tutored is the tutee. Please put their full name below.
Tutee Grade Level *
For 2021-2022 School Year
Is the tutee a student from the Alive Center? *
Parent Email *
Ask the tutee for a parent email; if they are too young, ask the parent at the end of the session. Otherwise, ask a board member to look up their email. Please do NOT leave this blank.
Is the tutee new to The Merry Tutor? IMPORTANT NOTICE: If the tutee is new, go to the next section to answer additional questions for the tutee as soon as possible. *
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