The Merry Tutor Record
Must fill this out at the end of each session. The session summary will be forwarded to parents.
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YOU are the tutor. Please put your FULL, that is, first AND LAST, name.
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The person you are/were tutoring is the tutee. Please put their FULL name below, that is, first AND LAST, name.
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For 2018-2019 School Year
Parent Email *
Ask the tutee for a parent email; if they are too young, ask the parent at the end of the session. Otherwise, ask a board member to look up their email. In no case should this be left blank.
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Ask the parent to fill out this form, if they haven't already:

This can also be found on the front page of website.
School (only required if this is a new tutee)
For 2018-2019 School Year
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Parent Name (only required if this is a new tutee)
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Student Email (for tutees grades 6-12)
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Parent Phone Number (only required if this is a new tutee)
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Comments for Board
If there is a private concern (e.g. behavioral, other disruptions) you would like the board to know about (i.e. not for parents), please put it here. Filling out this section is neither required nor recommended, but please use it as necessary. Otherwise, you can also email with any issues.
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Session Summary
Use COMPLETE sentences.
What did you work on? What did the student do well? What did the student have trouble with? *
Answer with at LEAST 2-3 COMPLETE sentences, clearly describing specifics of the tutoring session.
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What are some suggested steps until the next tutoring session? Any suggested homework? If none applicable, put "N/A". *
General encouragement is acceptable as well.
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What concepts should the next tutor work on at the next session? If not applicable, put "N/A". *
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