Formula 1: Call for Submissions
Curators Simon Wu and Mira Dayal announce an open call to artists, curators, thinkers, and cultural producers to submit formulas for successful works of contemporary art.

Merging interests in trends, big data, and art history, we ask you to submit formulas that describe artworks by other artists that you believe have garnered some form of popular, economic, or critical success in the past five years.

Skeletal structure + live element or lifelike material + identity politics = contemporary sculpture
Social cause + school children + newly endowed institutional fund = socially-engaged artwork

Rather than cynical, this open call aims to be generative. How can formula-making be a productive, reflective, and historically-conscious tool? Selected formulas will be used to commission an exhibition of new work at CUE Art Foundation this spring, under the curatorial mentorship of Andrianna Campbell. Additional formulas will be published in the exhibition catalogue.

If we would like to work with your formula, we will be in touch with you by October. If you have questions about this application or process, please email Mira Dayal (, Simon Wu (, or CUE Art Foundation (

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