Listening and Reacting With Emotion : Workshop
Listening and Reacting With Emotion (led by Jason Specland)

May 27th (Sunday) at 1-4 PM. Three hours total
*You are not confirmed until you receive an email from us and we received a payment securing your spot.
Workshop is at Simple Studios.

"LISTENING AND REACTING WITH REAL EMOTION: Improv teachers often talk about “listening and reacting.” But this raises the question, “How, exactly, should I react?” In this workshop, we learn to make strong emotional choices which enable us to immediately and impulsively answer the question, “What does my partner’s offer make me feel?” We will discover the fun that can be had from making a strong emotional choice, even (or perhaps especially) in unexpected situations."

JASON SPECLAND has been teaching and performing improv for over 20 years. Growing up in South Florida, he was a member of Comics Anonymous and ComedySportz, Ft. Lauderdale. He attended Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, where he was the director of the No Parking Players, and is the inaugural member of the NPP Hall of Fame. Thanks to inspiration from Andy Richter (yes, really) he moved to New York City and studied at Upright Citizens Brigade with Armando Diaz, Ian Roberts, Amy Poehler, and Ali Farahnakian. At UCB, he was a member of a very short-lived Harold team called “Pole Position.” At the PIT, Jason has performed with house teams Watson, Technicolor, 1-800-LONDON, and Regina, with musical house teams East Side Orphan Riot, Punchbowl, and Slick Zombie, as well as special events like The Improvised Opera, William Shakespeare’s Star Wars, and Clanging with Dion Flynn (Late Night/The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon) and Josh Radnor (How I Met Your Mother). He is currently performing in GEORGE/MARTHA (an improvised “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”) with Adrian Sexton, and he is a member of the Regency-era improv troupe, The Austen Family Players.

*You are not confirmed until you receive an email from us plus send your payment (Info provided in email).

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