It's a typical Tuesday night and you are studying with friends in the back corner of the Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library. After your friends head home, you decide to pop in your earbuds, crank up your music, and stay a bit longer. Lost deep in a book for English class, you suddenly look up and notice that the lights are off. You walk to the circulation desk and discover that there is no one around. You are alone in the library!

You quickly gather your things and walk to the front door, only to discover that it is locked and you can't get out! There is a security system in the foyer that requires a code to open the doors. Because the librarians at the CPH Library have a quirky sense of humor, the 18 digit code is tied to 18 questions that only a true book lover and library patron would know. Each correct answer gives one digit of the code you need. You panic! Your cell phone is dead (you knew you should have brought your charger) and you may not know these answers. After taking a deep breath, you realize that you are in the library which is filled with books and computers, so surely you can figure this out! You can do a search for the answers. Maybe you have even read some of these books already. You nervously look at the first question to see if you know the answer...
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