Bear Care Personnel Request for Leave
Filling out this form does not guarantee you will be approved for all leave. If many staff have asked off for a day, you may not be approved for that day.
Part time staff: Please only fill out your name and date(s) you will be gone.
 Please fill out this form by Wednesday, prior to the following week's schedule. The schedule is started on Wednesday for the following week. You must still contact Kristie anytime you are ill and not able to work.   You can fill this form out after you have called Kristie.   If you are the opener, notify Kristie as soon as you know, so I know to open or find someone that can open for you.
If you send me a text message about days you want to be gone, you will be asked to fill out this form.
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Maternity leave (please visit with Kristie in person about this.)
Personal Leave
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Professional Leave
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