QT Erotica Salon
SEXx welcomes YOU to be a part of our first ever QT Erotica Salon. November 30, 6-8pm Flow State CoffeeBar (Kensington
). We are looking for folx to read from their own works or from a piece that inspires you. While this space is inclusive to all, regardless of gender, race, etc.... we will center queer, trans* (GNC, enby), POC folx. Steps:
1) Determine what you would want to read (each piece will be about 5-7 min)
2) Sign up below (Signing up does NOT guarantee invitation to read)
3) You will get a confirmation email from us. We hope you feel inspired to BOOST this event like whoa.
4) Readers will be selected at random the night of the event. (based on # of people signed up)
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