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Terms and Conditions
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1. To absolve Dove Self-Esteem Project 2017 Hackathon (DSEP2017) organizers and partners (including Unilever, Dove, Pitch, and HackerNest) of responsibility for any harm, stress, or ill occurrence that may arise from your voluntary attendance or participation.

2. That photos/videos containing your likeness may be taken at the event and may be used in promotional materials.

3. That DSEP2017 organizers and partners may contact you with event-related information.

4. To abide by the "HackerNest Code of Conduct" located at

5. To adhere to the Pitch (venue) rules:

"It’s not just state-of- the-art facilities that give us an edge over our competitors - you’re entering a world where ground-breaking ideas happen because people share, collaborate and co-create. We depend on your discretion to maintain that edge. In a nutshell, what happens at Pitch needs to stay at Pitch so please show your agreement by ticking the box below.

At Pitch, you’ll be part of a unique co-creation process, working within the cocoon of Pitch’s private laboratory. It is within this environment that you will not only share your own thoughts and hear others, but you will come into contact with information that is confidential. This includes information which you’ve been informed is confidential as well as information which you ought reasonably to regard as confidential.

To keep this rarefied space secure, you agree to keep such information confidential, keep it to yourself and only use it for agreed purposes. You may share it with fellow employees and contractors who have a need to know but you will be responsible for ensuring those people keep it confidential. You will not become the owner of confidential materials by virtue of them being shared with you so you agree to return them to us or destroy them.

These restrictions shall not apply to information which is, or has become, publicly available, otherwise than through unauthorised disclosure, or which you are required to disclose by law.

If you misuse our confidential information, we may be able to recover damages from you but its confidential nature may be permanently lost. So you’ll understand why money is not an adequate remedy - we need to stop wrongful disclosure before it happens.  In light of this, you acknowledge our right to seek a court order stopping such disclosure (so-called injunctive relief) in addition to any other remedies we may have.

Unilever has constant access to concepts, ideas and innovation from various internal and external sources. If you share thoughts and ideas with us during your time at Pitch, you agree that you do so openly and that we may use them freely as we work on and develop our own concepts, ideas and innovation."

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