E-Safety Survey (2020/21)
Keeping You E-Safe are looking at e-safety among young people. All of the submissions are 100% anonymous and the data we collect will be used to look at improving resources and our out-reach program. Thanks for you time. This may take a bit of time but massively helps with research, so please do get comfy.
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At the end of answering the following questions we're giving you a chance to win a £10 Amazon gift card. All you need to do is enter your email address, it will not be used with the data and will only be used to randomly choose a winner of the gift card. This survey remains 100% anonymous.
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The questions:
How old are you? *
What is your gender? *
Do you live in North Yorkshire? *
Do you own any of these devices? *
Please tick all those that you own
Which of the following apps or social media accounts do you use? *
Please tick all those that you use
Do you agree or disagree with these statements? *
Strongly agree
Not sure
Strongly disagree
My parents/guardians have talked to me about staying safe online
I've had lessons about e-safety at school
I know how to stay safe online
I can easily delete information that I have posted about myself online if I don't want people to see it
I know how to block messages on social media from someone I don’t want to hear from
The best way to deal with nasty messages is to delete them without showing anyone else
I give details about myself to a website or app to be able to get something that I want
I often wake in the night to check my mobile phone
My parents/carers don't really ask me about what I do online
I have seen things online that have really upset me
I have received bullying or nasty messages via social media, email or text
I have sent/posted photos or comments in the past that I now wish I hadn't sent/posted
Online bullying is just as harmful and upsetting as bullying in the real world
I feel under pressure to seem perfect on social media
I never give apps give permission to access my location, photos or contacts because of the risks involved
How long do you usually spend online each day, including watching videos, gaming, social media, online video calls and messaging? Please don't include the time you spend online in school/work. *
If your phone has the ability to look at screen time, why not use this to aid your answer?
If you have been taught how to stay safe online, do you actually follow this advice? *
Which of these do you think are the biggest risks for most children and young people? *
Please tick all those that apply
In the last week, do you think the internet affected you in any of these ways? *
Not at all
Once in the week
More than once in the week
Every day
Helped you to relax
Stopped you from feeling bored
Stopped you from feeling lonely
Left you feeling nervous
Left you feeling depressed
Left you with upsetting thoughts or feelings
Caused arguments with parents
Caused arguments with friends
Left you feeling angry
Kept you awake at night
Which one of these, do you think, would do the most to improve e-safety for young people in North Yorkshire? *
Please tick all those that apply
If something had worried or upset you online, which of these would you do? *
If something has worried or upset you online, tell a trusted adult. We also have some recommended support services listed on our advice page on our website: yorkpijam.com/index.php/advice Please tick all those that apply
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