Free Dominion Windscreen Decal. Please read below before ordering.
We welcome our supporters to spread the message of the film by displaying a promotional sticker/decal on the rear windscreen of their car.

Please note: because these decals are being made and distributed for free we need to be cautious of people maliciously ordering them, therefore it is mandatory to include a link to your Facebook account and telephone number when filling out your details. If you do not have Facebook then please ask a friend to order on your behalf and provide a phone number. We may call you to confirm you are genuine. The decal is made from high quality vinyl and should last a long time if installed correctly.

Full fitting instructions will be provided and no special tools are needed.

Please be mindful that we pay for these decals and we have a limited number available so if you do not intend to display the decal as intended please reconsider your order. If in doubt please email

We are extremely grateful for your participation in helping provide free promotion of Dominion and do not require any renumeration for the materials and postage but if you would like to donate to help continue the work that we do you can do so by joining the Dominion Movement Action Team at: or alternatively a one off donation at:
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