Iowa Polyamory Facebook Group Signup Page

We have a private Facebook group. Fill out the form and let us know enough about you. If we do not immediately approve you we may need to follow up with you if there are additional questions.

This group is designed as a support network for people in Iowa. Ideally we would like to have a semi-private meeting with a topical discussion or speaker. This is not intended as a place to find dates or hookups. Please ask publicly to contact a member in a comment thread or post.

This form is secure and all details will be kept with the utmost privacy and not shared with anyone, but the group administrators.

Basic Terms of Membership
* Respect Privacy of All members and do not share any details with non-members.
* Be respectful of all members and support safe and open discussion.
* No use of racial, gender, orientation slurs or hate speech.
* Do not contact members directly.
* Administrators may revoke membership at any time to protect the privacy and safety of all members.
* When speaking about sexual matters use appropriate language and avoid discussing sex acts unless it is relevant to content of a post.
* No inappropriate or sexual images, videos or links may be posted.
* Profile pictures must be pg-13.
* Posts may be deleted or edited at the discretion of administrators.

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