Spring Holiday Pack
Scruby's BBQ, Pembroke Pines • www.scrubys.com • (754) 332-4402
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Spiral Ham Family Meal
Turkey Breast Family Meal
Brisket Family Meal Whole Flat
Brisket Family Meal Sliced
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Jumbo Family Meal
Substitute 10 mini-loaves of Corn Bread for Dinner Rolls? (Additional $10.00) *
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1 Quart Of Side
2 Quarts Of Sides
1 Gallon Of Side
Potato Salad - $6.99/qt - $19.99/gal
Baked Beans - $6.99/qt -$19.99/gal
Cole Slaw - $6.99/qt - $19.99/gal
Green Beans - $6.99/qt - $19.99/gal
Mashed Potato & Gravy - $9.99/qt – $24.99/gal
Loose Corn - $6.99/qt - $19.99/gal
Collared Greens - $7.99/qt - $23.99/gal
Mac & Cheese - $6.99/qt - $19.99/gal
Specialty Sides (Gallon-Size only)
1 gal.
2 gal.
3 gal.
Sweet Potato Casserole - $24.99/gal
Green Beans Casserole - $24.99/gal
1/2 Corn On Cob ($1.00 each) *IF* yes, how many?
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Corn Bread Mini Loaves ($1.29 each) *IF* yes, how many?
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Whole Turkey (just meat) - $59.99/each
Whole Ham (just meat) - $59.99/each
Bag of Dinner Rolls ($4.99/bag of 12) *IF* yes how many Orders?
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