VSBSC 2020 Youth Head Delegate Application

The Vancouver School Board Sustainability Conference is an environmental conference that started in 2013. Last year, the conference attracted over 200 participants across all 18 VSB schools and out-of-districts. We are proud to announce that the VSBSC's eighth anniversary will be held on February 14th, 2019 in Vancouver.

The conference will feature:
⧫ Keynote speakers
⧫ A variety of workshop selections
⧫ Lunch and snacks
⧫ NGO networking fair
⧫ Mentor networking session


Every VSB and out-of-district school will have at least one Youth Head Delegate to act as an ambassador for the conference. As a YHD, you are expected to maintain a strong commitment to your assigned tasks in order to successfully promote the conference in your school.

Youth Head Delegate responsibilities include:
⧫ Attending 2 MANDATORY information meetings prior to the Conference (Dec. 14, 2019 and February 1, 2020)
⧫ Promoting the VSBSC at your school through social media posts, school announcements etc.
⧫ Displaying a VSBSC Information and sign-up board at your school
⧫ Contributing new ideas on how you will promote this year’s conference
⧫ Communicating your progress to the Public Outreach Coordinators


YHD's need to:
⧫ Attend a secondary school
⧫ Be committed and enthusiastic about sustainability
⧫ Obtain leadership skills (ie. communication, organization, and time-management skills)
⧫ Brainstorm effective ways to promote the conference at your school

Applications close: November 30, 2019

Learn more about the conference on our webpage at https://vsb-sustainabilityconference.com/ or contact us at outreach@vsb-sustainabilityconference.com for additional information.
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