Samskrita Bharati UK - Ānanda Level-1 Course
Expression of interest form for registering for Ānanda Level-1 Course for children
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We need to know the age of the student to ensure the course is appropriate for them
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Required if the student mentioned above is a minor
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What languages does the student know, or speaks at home?
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Does the student know reading the Devanagari script (the script used for Hindi and some other Indian languages)?
Devanagari - written *
Does the student know how to write in Devanagari (the script used to write Hindi, Marathi, Nepali etc)
Mentoring Sessions - attendance *
I understand this course involves the Parent attending the mentoring sessions held online on zoom by Samskrita Bharati UK once every two weeks to know how to guide the student (assuming the student is a child)
Parental responsibility *
I hereby confirm that I am the parent of the student and I consent to my child participating in this online course and I will supervise them to ensure their safety.
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I agree to allow Samskrita Bharati UK to retain the information submitted in this form indefinitely and use it for the purposes of contacting me for sending me relevant information about Sanskrit courses. (required for GDPR. Your form submission will not be accepted unless we have this consent)
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