Instafreebie Mystery Group Promo
This is a multi-author cross promo of your Instafreebie giveaway. Basically, you'll send out a newsletter to your existing subscribers with the group promo page link and post to social media during the promo period.

Dates: June (mystery only). 6/3-6/10 (tentative IF feature on 6/6). Mystery only. 25-30 authors max.

There are no free rides for this group promo. I can see from inbound links if you're doing your part for the group promo. Free loaders will be ban from future promos, and I will whisper bad words after your name to many of my writing friends who also organize promos (just kidding...maybe).

The submission form is a big wait list, so everyone who submits get a chance to participate. I'll email you a confirmation when it's your turn. If your book is not accepted, I will send you the rejection well before the event starts so you can resubmit. I don't allow back-to-back month promotion of the same book (so skip a month and come back or submit a different book). No sneak peeks.

I reserve the right to reject any book with poor editing, a non-professional cover, or it's not genre appropriate. It's a lot of work for me to look up each submission and see if it's incorrectly classified as "suspense" on Amazon. If your book is professionally packaged, you're pretty much accepted.

Link to FAQ (not updated yet, just ignore dates). Please read the rules!

If you use this sign-up link, I might get referral credits toward my account:

FB group is:

Your placement on the page is first come first serve, and anyone who helps with the graphics gets higher placement.

Please note if you're in KU, Instafreebie can't distribute your book without violating the T&C. Hence, this group promo probably wouldn't work for you.

If you have any questions, please ask: authorATannertanDOTcom or in the FB group.

You will not hear from me until 2-3 weeks before the promo. Please don't ask for confirmation. If you don't think you signed up, just re-submit, and I'll take the latest submittal.

Anne R. Tan

Promo stats:
April 2017 = 35 authors = 38.5k outbound clicks to IF.
March 2017 = 32 authors = 23k outbound clicks to IF.
March 2017 (Chicklit/Humor) = 14 authors - 14.5k outbound clicks to IF.
Feb 2017 (cozy only) = 12 authors - 14.1k outbound clicks to IF.
Feb 2017 = 36 authors - 33k outbound clicks to IF.
Jan 2017 = 36 authors - 39k outbound clicks to IF; 1k clicks to story app
Dec 2016 = 44 authors - 54k outbound clicks to IF
October 2016 = 32 authors - 62,600 clicks to Instafreebie
Sept 2016 = 20 authors - 42,000 clicks to Instafreebie

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