Innovate Kenya 2019 Application Form (Round III)
Innovate Kenya empowers local youth (aged 13-20 years) to create and implement their own solutions to pressing problems in their communities. Our vision is to expand a culture of innovation and self-efficacy that can help drive economic, social and human development in Kenya.

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High school youth and recent high school graduates are encouraged to work in teams of 2 - 4 for the Innovate Kenya program. Up to 12 teams will be selected by an acclaimed panel of international and local judges for a fully-funded 1-week Innovation Camp in December 2019. The camp will include leadership clinics, design thinking workshops, field trips, mentorship and up to Ksh. 50,000 project funding to build a prototype of a solution for a well-defined local problem.

Interested applicants need to provide details of how their idea or project will be developed and why they are well suited to accomplish the project. Each team will be assessed based on their project proposal and how well they explain their idea in the application. At the end of the application cycle, 12 finalist teams will be selected as participants for the December camp

Please note: You do NOT need to have a complete project to apply for Innovate Kenya. We accept ideas in this application process. If you already have a project you have worked on, you are welcome to apply as well.

The deadline to submit a proposal online, by email, or in-person is October 1st 2019 by 5:00 PM EAT.

Finalists will be announced in mid October 2019.

The ideas and projects are judged based on these 4 criteria:
1. Innovation
Is the project original and innovative or a creative improvement on previous attempts at solving the same problem?

2. Social Impact
Has the team investigated the community to be served? Has the project been developed based on community needs? Has the team explained how they know that they are addressing a genuine need of the community they are serving? How will it affect the people for whom it is intended and how much of an impact will it have? Has the team considered any additional effects of their work – for instance longer-term application to other communities, benefits of their research to others working in the field?

How convincing is the initial planning and work the team has already done? How detailed and realistic are the implementation plan and project timeline? Has the team convincingly outlined how they intend to address the challenges they will face in developing this project?

4. Sustainability
Is this a time-defined project or do they plan to scale over time? Do they have a plan to ensure the sustainability of the project? Will it survive beyond the initial funding? If yes, what are their ideas and vision for long-term sustainability?

If your team doesn't make it to the innovation camp, you will receive feedback from our judges on how you can improve your idea!

***The one-week Innovation Camp will take place from 1st - 7th December 2019. If selected, please make sure that you and your team will commit to attending the Innovation Camp for the whole week

If you have any questions or issues with submitting this application please contact our team via email: or call us on 0792 486 01

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