Baraboo Night Market Vendor Registration
Hosted by Baraboo Young Professionals
Downtown Baraboo
Friday, May 17th, 5-9pm
Friday, September 20th, 5-9pm
Friday, December 20th, 5-9pm

Vendor Fees: $50/booth space, $75 with electricity, due if/when your application is approved. Fees are due in advance of the event and NON-REFUNDABLE. Your spot is not considered confirmed until payment is received.

One space approx. 10’ x 10’ (some spaces vary). There are a limited number of vendor spaces, and only a portion of those have electricity and will be reserved on a first come first served basis.

Vendor Applications accepted until 60 days prior to each market. Vendors will be notified by 45 days prior to each market if their application was accepted. Preference is given to food and INTERACTIVE booths/vendors.

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Liability Waiver *
Insurance: One-day liability insurance policies are usually available through an existing homeowners or business insurance policy for a very low cost. It's required that each vendor obtain a policy that provides coverage for their booth space. Baraboo Young Professionals, City of Baraboo, Downtown Baraboo Inc., or any of their representatives, are not responsible for any damage and/or injury that takes place within your booth space. A copy of this insurance policy may be requested by a BYP member at any time.
Rules of Participation *
I have read and agree to all the vendor guidelines listed below.
Vendor Guidelines
The vendor is the person who owns the business / items being sold.
Rummage sale or direct sale booths will not be permitted.
The vendor must carry appropriate Licenses, Certificates, Insurances, and/or Permits for the products they are making/selling.
All produce or other food intended for consumption must be well cleaned and kept in sanitary conditions off the ground.
The vendor is the person responsible for their own product liability and product insurance.
Vendor must comply with all applicable federal, state and local regulations. (e.g. cleanliness and accuracy of scale).
No running of gasoline or diesel engines or excessively loud generators.
No loud or disturbing noises shall be made or actions taken on the grounds which will interfere with the rights, comfort, or convenience of other vendors or the public.
Vendors will not be allowed to bring pets into the market for health and safety reasons. The sale or giving away of live animals is prohibited.
Sampling Procedures: All samples offered by vendors must meet the following criteria: Samples must be stored in rigid, covered containers until serving; Samples of processed foods must be prepared in a licensed kitchen facility; Samples must be held and dispensed under clean and sanitary conditions (e.g. toothpicks for sampling); All vendors giving free samples must provide a waste container in a prominent place for use by the public.
Vendors are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous manner to other vendors, customers and market personnel. Threatening, abusive or harassing behavior will result in a violation, and constitutes grounds for dismissal from the market.
The vendor must understand that the BYP team is empowered to interpret and enforce the existing market rules and to approve or disapprove products.
The vendor must follow all of the market rules. Violation of the rules may result in termination from the market per the BYP team. Fees will not be refunded to any vendor who is suspended or loses vending privileges.
A vendor with a reserved space must be in their space by 4pm; no vehicles will be allowed to enter the street past that time.
Vendors are not allowed to drive their motor vehicles into any given space unless prior approval by BYP has been given.
Vendors must clean up their sales area completely before leaving.
To ensure availability of customer parking, vendors must unload and then park off-site.
Vendors are responsible for the reporting of sales tax.
Vendors are responsible for bringing everything they need within their space, including, but not limited to, tables, tents, extension cords, lights, etc.
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