Be Well Madison Community Center Survey
Hello Neighborhood Community Centers, thank you for taking a few minutes to share your thoughts with us. It is important that we listen and learn from you in order to create effective, sustainable change in our public health system.

Be Well Madison was created out of a need for both increased as well as consistent access to preventative wellness services for our fellow community members. Our goal is to help Madison move forward in its ability to care for everyone. This is how we feel we can do our part.

Be Well is made up of members and collaborators who:

1. Believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to be well.

2. Understand that individual and community wellbeing are connected.

3. Recognize that there are inequalities to access to preventative wellness services.

4. Trust that by working together we can have a greater sustainable impact on improving our public health system.

5. Want to build a sustainable model for offering preventative wellness services for all regardless of income, gender, sex, age, ability, race, nationality or other socially oppressive identifier.

Again, thank you for helping us to get better informed on your residents needs and how we can be of help!
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What is the name of your neighborhood community center?
Have you gathered information, either formally or informally, on your resident's preventative wellness service needs?
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If you answered no, is that something you would like to do?
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Do you feel that you have enough current preventative wellness programs at your community center that meet your residents needs?
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If you feel current programs do not meet your needs, please explain why.
What do you feel is missing from your preventative wellness programs? Choose all that apply.
If you currently have preventative wellness services or did in the past, did you find any of these to be barriers to access? Choose all that apply.
Do you like the idea of creating community wellness clinics within Madison's neighborhood centers? These clinics would provide numerous options to services, catered to your resident's identified needs, offer consistent holistic approached care, and either free or affordable payment options.
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If you answered "no" or "other" can you please explain more?
If yes, how many "clinic" days would you like to be offered at your center?
If you like the idea of building a consistent, sustainable wellness clinic for your residents please indicate how your center/organization would contribute to it's financial needs.
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Any further comments? We welcome all input, thank you!
If you would like to continue this conversation please share your contact information.
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