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Do you want to search from the content of files such as PDF, Word, Excel?
Do you want to search from the contents of AutoCAD, Netcad, Microstation files and view it using only internet browser?
Would you like to access, search, view, or take notes of your companies documents only using an internet browser (such as Chrome or Edge)?
Do you want to search from the content of your scanned documents?
Do you want to find documents with copies or similars?
Would you like to report the activities of your field personnel on a daily basis?
Is versioning a document, getting a notification when a document changed or taking notes on any document for your team member important for you.
Would you like to search from the content of databases?
If you have a media archive, would you like to automatically tag people in photos and videos in that archive?
Would you like to archive e-mail correspondence between your staff and your customers and search them along with other documents?
Do you have any field survey and analytics need?
Would you like to create your own closed system like google street view for your Municipality, Roads, Construction Site, Factory or Campus?
Would you like to access your company's archive or databases from your mobile phone?
Would you like to generate automated geographic inventory for your city, factory, or campus using only videos and photos?
Would you like discover relations between documents or important issues hidden in the documents automatically. You may be a lawyer, or auditing a companies documents or a researcher.
If you're using SharePoint, would you like to add more flexible search, display, and GIS features?
Would you like to watch Social Media accounts from one point and anaylze and dispatch the mesages. Messages may be coming from your users, or from citizens for a municipality.
Would you like your organization's DMS, ERP applications to be integrated automatically with your Geographic Information System?
Do you want to see documents on the maps using address, street name, or POIs
Would you like to discover data for GDPR complience.
Do you want to create a map of City Archive, Tourism Map or News map just using web pages and word, pdf, excel files?
If you have lots of files like DWG, DGN, Geotif, ECW, KML, Shape file, would you like to automatically create geographic archive?
How many users do you need?
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Do you have a server infrastructure where the software will run?
Want to make an try our software with your own documents?
Would you like us to help you further?
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