Elmwood Players' Array '19
This is Elmwood Players’ season of one act plays, interspersed with live music, and additional Q&A sessions with cast or directors. It will be presented in a cabaret setting with tables on the stage, along with our usual auditorium seating.

Key Dates
Auditions Saturday 6th April, 11:00am, 12:30pm and 2:00pm.
Performance Dates Weds 5 - Saturday 8 June.

Audition Process
You will have the chance to state your preference of plays on audition day. We have not provided an age guideline, as most of our roles are open to interpretation with casting (16+). Auditions will take place in groups and text to read will be provided. You don’t need to prepare anything in advance.

ABANDON HOPE By Bronwyn Elsmore
Comedy directed by Braydon Priest
(3F, 1M)

An hilarious look at the lengths the women of the A-Bandon underwear factory will go to, on learning that their workplace, in the small town of Ruawhetu is about to close. A great chance to bring a slice of kiwiana to life.

HARDSTUFF By Jules Tasca
Melodrama / thriller directed by Phil Dean

Matt and John, both pharmacists, are at a secluded cabin for a weekend of hunting, but John has other plans. He wants to find out if Matt is having an affair with his wife. With a gun in his hand and menace in his voice he gets Matt to tell all. This is intense melodrama with a twist.

Comedy Directed by Braydon Priest and Garry Thomas
Comedy (2F, 1M)

Just imagine what would happen in a kids show if one of the characters had a potty mouth that would run away on them at any minute. An adult version of a scene not presented in this years’ Rapunzel. Sholby and Oberon are two forest elves who have their picnic in the Enchanted Forest interrupted by Kevin, a reindeer. These are three delightful roles to play, with the potential to really make them your own in a collaborative process with the writer.
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