Teen Leadership Team Application Form
Café Scientifique invites interested teens to join the Teen Leadership Team. This is a chance for you to build your skills as a leader.

Please read about the Teen Leader role and whether the Teen Leadership Team is right for you: http://goo.gl/Si3KnT

NOTE: The Teen Leadership Team is a leadership training program-- Teen Leaders are required to commit the time and to actively participate.

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Opportunities to lead present themselves every day. Give an example of a time when you took initiative or demonstrated leadership. This may include family or life experiences, volunteer service, school or extracurricular activities. *
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Consider the roles and expectations of a Teen Leader (See http://goo.gl/Si3KnT). Why do you want to become a Teen Leader? What do you feel that you can offer to the program and what do you hope to gain from the experience? *
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Teen Leadership Team members are required to attend each Café and Leadership Team meeting. Most meetings will be held in the evening after 6pm. A dry run presentation may be held in your town and you are expected to attend. In the event of a conflicting obligation, the Teen Leader must notify the Coordinator in advance. Teen Leaders can expect to contribute 10 hours per month in meetings, travel time, events, planning, and organizing. In addition, we will hold training sessions during the summer (June-August) and a leadership training day in early August. Please contact your Coordinator if you have any questions regarding the time commitment. It is important to consider other time commitments, such as for school groups, sports teams, and other activities. I understand the above requirement of time and effort, and if I am selected as a Teen Leader I will commit to it. *
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