The Second Escape Room
Welcome back, friends! It's Brennan, your favorite escape room host. Today, we have a brand new escape room for you all to solve. Once again, one of you will need to time your team as my timer is broken. Remember, your goal is to escape within 20 minutes, but if you go over, that is okay. You can work as a team to answer the puzzles and questions inside this room. When you go to the next page, please start your timer. Now, your adventure awaits!
You and your friends are once again at school, enjoying your classes and having fun. Suddenly, the bell rings to end the day, so you and your friends start to pack up your stuff and get ready to leave the room. Your group is the last to leave the room, but before you leave, your teacher, Mr. X calls out to all of you.
Hey! I hope you enjoyed my last escape room. I thought it would make it more exciting and fun to learn the topics we covered - and it looks like you all had a good time! But I have a new set of puzzles for you - are you up to the challenge? There's a special surprise for you at the end if you solve all the puzzles! What do you all say?
You all look at each other, and without speaking to each other, you all yell, "Yes, we'll solve it!".
"Great!" Mr. X says. "Everything you need to begin is in this room. Good luck!
Mr. X gets up and leaves the room, locking it behind him. Your group spreads out and starts walking around, looking for anything that is different than what your regular classroom looks like. When you bring all the items back to your work table, you have a few items. You have a set of rocks, a bunch of animal, plant, and environment magnets, a CD and a xylophone, and a piece of paper that has information about different building materials.
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