2017 Snack Bracket - Round 2
VOTE HERE FOR ROUND 3: https://goo.gl/forms/GFZRSEP3xNZFIoVv2 Round 2 is now closed.

Welcome to the 2nd Round of the 2017 Snacket! 64 Snacks entered. 32 remain.

Vote to see which snack advances to the Sweet (Salty?) 16 of the Snack Bracket.

What do you think is the better SNACK?

Please vote for all four regions:
1. Chocolate
2. Cheese
3. Breakfast? Appetizer? No, It's A Snack
4. Chaotic

Go here to see this year's entire updated bracket AND to see how much each snack in Round 1 won or lost by: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-4Kzyuv4nedVUtvRWFxbjNYR3c/view?usp=sharing

Voting for the first round ends on Friday at midnight, March 24th.

""This is a disaster." - My 10 year old having a crisis about having to choose"
Comment from Round 1
Round 1 Fun Facts
803 votes! We beat last year's voting record of 141.

Closest match-ups:

#11 Tater Tots upset #6 Ruffles w/ French Onion Dip by 23 votes!

#9 Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels narrowly beat out Triscuits (Any Flavor) by 11 votes!!

Most contentious match-ups (according to the comments):

#11 Brie which ultimately upset #6 Flaming Hot Cheetos and #13 Kale Chips losing big time to #4 Cool Ranch Doritos

"Flaming Hot Cheetos vs. Brie: the gustatory equivalent of a cage match between Honey Boo Boo and Frasier"
Comment from Round 1
"Just the thought of someone choosing Flaming Hot Doritos over a baked Brie fills me with rage that can only be soothed by cheese in puff pastry served with jam."
Comment from Round 1
"If you actually go through with voting for kale chips over Cool Ranch Doriots then we as a society have failed. "
Comment from Round 1
"There are times in life when you surprise yourself, when you make a choice you never thought you would've made. At that time, you ask yourself, who have I become? When did I become this person who would pick kale chips over Cool Ranch Doritos?"
Comment from Round 1
"Who in the world even considers kale as a snack food and have they ever even experienced joy? Love? Suffering? Loathing?"
Comment from Round 1
"Did I take Kale chips over cool ranch Doritos? Am I actually broken!?"
Comment from Round 1
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