2019 BWaves Season Feedback
Another successful season... right?

As is our tradition, we want to touch base with everyone to make sure we're keeping on track. Please let us know what we did right and wrong and help the BWaves remain on top as the best, funnest, most splash-tastic team ever!

This year, the survey is pretty comprehensive, which is a fancy word for "long". We would love to hear back from everybody on everything, but we understand that your time is valuable. So, if there is a section or section that isn't necessarily relevant to you or that you don't have any feedback for, feel free to skip to the next section/question. The first page gives you the opportunity to provide high level comments about pretty much anything. If you get to a topic later and you've already said all you want about it, that's fine. However, if you skip some sections or questions, PLEASE MAKE IT THROUGH TO THE LAST PAGE OTHERWISE YOUR FEEDBACK WILL NOT BE COLLECTED.

Here's what to expect.
Section 1. General comments and high-level feedback
Section 2. Registration and Team Suits
Section 3. Fundraising, Donations, and Sponsors
Section 4. Pep Rallies, Spirit Nights, and Team Activities
Section 5. Spirit Wear and Apparel
Section 6. Concessions and Meet Atmosphere
Section 7. Photography and Team Photos
Section 8. Demographics

A few other quick notes:
-- This is 100% anonymous. We specifically do not require a log in or anything like that to make
sure you feel comfortable answering everything honestly.
-- Even the last page, which may seem like we're trying to figure out who you are, is generic
enough to maintain anonymity while still being helpful to understanding the team dynamics.
-- Each section has a spot for open comments. Please feel free to use that for anything we missed
that may be related to that topic.
-- If there is anything else that you feel needs addressed that doesn't fit into one of these sections,
feel free to enter it in one of the open comments sections or send an email to board@bwaves.org
(Note: emails will not be anonymous, but we won't share it outside of the Board without specific permission.)
-- NEW THIS YEAR: Swimmers (preferably 13 & Overs) are allowed to fill out the survey if they want. Please just note that
you are a swimmer in the very first question.

Speaking of the first question... enough of the formalities. Let's get to it!
The very first question
Are you a swimmer or a parent (supporter)? *
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