SO Instrumentation School VIII: "Signal Integrity and Electromagnetic Compatibility in Electronic Devices"
The development of high-performance digital systems is a frequent and growing need. The objective of this course is to train the engineer to successfully approach the design of current digital systems, characterized by high-speed serial links and buses. In addition, the design of electronic products requires knowledge of the EMC regulations, the role played by the certification laboratories and the applicable design techniques (protections against conducted EMI, routing of PCBs aimed at improving behavior in both radiated and conducted interferences, calculation of shields / screens, proper use of wiring, SW techniques to improve fault tolerance, etc.).


The main points to cover in this course are:


- Introduction to the concept of signal integrity.

- Design methodology, pre-layout and post-layout simulations, IBIS models, transmission lines: concept, reflections, impedance adaptation, ripple, losses.

- Exercises with LineSim: handling of IBIS models, stackup definition, signal integrity simulations, crosstalk, eye diagram and EMC.

- Magnetic field and inductive coupling, electric field and capacitive coupling.

- Crosstalk: types and techniques.

- Stackup design: calculation of the impedance of the lines, construction, return currents, routing.

- Exercises with BoardSim: eye diagrams.

- Decoupling: introduction, real impedance of the capacitors, calculation of the decoupling network, PCB design aspects, relationship with the stackup, devices with integrated decoupling.

- Exercises with HyperLynx PI.

- Definition of the PCB topology.

- Pre-layout and post-layout simulations with HyperLynx PI.

- European EMC regulations and EMC concepts

- Masses in EMC.

- Protections against conducted interference and I/O lines

- Good practices in the design of PCBs oriented to EMC

- Cables: practical aspects on EMC.

- Improvement of immunity through software techniques.

Date: April 4th-8th 2022.
Schedule: 9:00h to 18:00h.

Place: Assembly Room of IAA.

Number of participants: Limited.

Language: Spanish.

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