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*** Vladimir Matskevich stopped his hunger strike, because after meeting with investigators he concluded that concrete steps had been taken towards the fulfillment of his demands.
To the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Belarus
To the Head of the Department of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Belarus

We, scientists, researchers, representatives of the academic community and cultural figures, draw your attention to the critical situation of the hunger strike of the political prisoner of the Belarusian philosopher and methodologist Vladimir Matskevich.

On August 4, 2021, Vladimir Matskevich was arrested and has been held in pretrial detention center No. 1 in Minsk for more than 6 months. The investigating authorities charged him with “organizing actions grossly violating public order” (the Article 342 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus), however, over the past time, no significant evidence of his guilt has been presented to Vladimir and the public, the investigation of the case is being delayed, and the terms of detention are constantly extended. All these circumstances indicate the deprivation of Vladimir Matskevich of freedom was due solely to his public intellectual activity.

On February 4, 2022, Vladimir Matskevich went on a hunger strike, refusing to eat.

His requirements are simple and doable:

· Change the measure of restraint to a recognizance not to leave.

· Complete the investigation and take the case to court.

· Set a trial date.

Since the demands were not met, Vladimir Matskevich stopped drinking water on February 15. A dry hunger strike began.
The price of such an action is the life of a Man, a Thinker and a Citizen.

We demand a lawyer should be able to visit Vladimir Matskevich on a daily basis, as well as to inform the public about his state of health and conduct investigative procedures in the case.

We consider it lawful, logical and feasible for Vladimir Matskevich's demands to change the measure of restraint, complete the investigative actions and send the case to court.

We are deeply concerned that by declaring a hunger strike, Vladimir Matskevich resorts to an extreme measure, which is possible in conditions of imprisonment, in order to influence the unreasonably long investigation periods, far-fetched accusations, a measure of restraint, conditions of the detention. We are concerned Vladimir Matskevich will be principal in defending his position.

Your inaction, attempts to silence information about the hunger strike and refusal to comply with the requirements will bring to death!

We insist on the immediate fulfillment of Vladimir Matskevich's demands by the people in whose hands the freedom, health and life of Belarusian philosopher Vladimir Matskevich are today.

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