Digital Electronics
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lectures (overall)
labs (overall)
What's NEEW (daily tech news presentation)
digital design (verilog & DE1 FPGA)
ARM programming
microarchitecture (LALU)
logic circuits in Logisim (half/full adders, 8-bit/16-bit adders)
sequential logic (latches, flip-flops, path delay)
logic circuits on breadboard (xor, 7seg)
DC circuits (Ohms Law, voltage dividers, series & parallel resistors, capacitors) 
Arduino labs (LEDs blink/dimmer, buttons, servos, potentiometers, sensors)
transistor circuits (nmos, pmos, inv, nand, nor)
field trip to Samsung
field trip to Microchip
breadboard circuits
multimeter, oscilloscope, logic analyzer
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