Subconscious Blocks Quiz
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Choose a goal or objective you want to achieve. For example, quit smoking, weight-loss, anger management, sales performance, reduce social anxiety, etc.

Answer the questions as they relate to your goal.

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Are you ready to uncover some subconscious blocks?
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How many times have you attempted this goal WITHOUT success? *
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Do you ever feel like you are holding yourself back with this goal or battling an inner tug-of-war? *
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When working on this goal, do you ever feel like you're hitting an invisible wall that stops you or frozen midway? *
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Does this goal or issue cause anxiety or fear when thinking about or attempting the desired change? *
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Do you feel helpless to control or affect the situation you want to change? *
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Do you need or want to achieve your goal within a certain timeframe? *
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Choose the statement that most accurately reflects your thoughts and feelings about achieving your desired change. *
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Do you have any positive associations with the behavior or pattern you want to change? *
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Is your identity wrapped up in the unwanted behavior? *
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Do you use the unwanted behavior as a coping mechanism for stress or triggers? *
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