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(Student Rating of teachers)

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The student are requested to indicate their honest opinion in the relevant slots given below in respect of teachers handling lecture classes for this semester, their response is valuable for improving the teaching standards of the college.
The students are requested to note the following before answering the questions.

1. Avoid writing your name anywhere so that your identity is not revealed.
2. Please ✓ mark in appropriate boxes.
3. If a subject is handled by more than one teacher indicate the performance of each teacher in separate forms.
4. Do not fill in the questionnaire in respect of teachers handling laboratory, workshop and drawing classes.
5. After completing your response return the entire sheet without detaching any portion of sheet.

1). Knowledge of the teacher on the subject *
2). Clarity and understandability of Teacher's explanations *
3). Teacher's Willingness to help *
4). Approximate percentage of classes not engaged by the teacher in the subject *
5). Whether the teacher dictates note only without explanation *
6). Teacher's ability to organize lectures *
7). Speed of Presentation *
8). Does the teacher encourage questioning *
9). Behavior of the teacher *
10). Sincerity of the teacher *
11). Overall Teaching effectiveness of the teacher *
12). Indicate briefly strengths and weakness of teacher
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13). Any other relevant information (Mannerism, peculiarities etc. of teacher)
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