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How do you feel about doing a very low-calorie diet of 800-1200 calories for 2 weeks, followed by 2 weeks of maintenance calories without HCG or an appetite suppressant? (Honestly.) *
Are you willing to provide body composition data every 2 weeks? (We can provide you with a body composition scale if you don't have one.) *
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Are you able and willing to use a macro-tracking app on your phone such as MyFitnessPal? This is required. *
Are you able to come to a Zoom call every 2 weeks? These will probably be held on a Monday evening at 7 pm Central Time. (This is not required but strongly recommended. You can always watch the replay if you're unable to attend.) *
Are you able to commit funds to coaching? It will cost $599 for 12 weeks or 3 payments of $249. *
Do you have gall bladder issues? Rapid weight loss can lead to gall stones, and we don't recommend this program if you do.
Do you have any other medical concerns that could prohibit you from doing a very low calorie diet? *
Would you be training for a race or competition during this program? If so, we recommend you do the NEW You Program instead. (The very low calories will negatively impact your training and performance.) See https://www.thenewyouprogram.com/register-here
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While you're waiting....Are you aware of our other coaching programs including the Transformer Program and the New You Program at https://www.adelefrizzell.com/programs-and-services/ *
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