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Let's get started on your application for a fully funded scholarship place on Squared Online.
Squared Online is the digital marketing course developed with Google and powered by Home Learning College to help bring brilliant digital thinkers (like you!) into the industry.

We want to know why you would be an amazing Square.

We're looking for bright, entrepreneurial thinkers. The people who aren't afraid to take risks, and make mistakes. The kind of people who other people listen to. The people who are always curious to know more, and enthusiastic to share what they've learned. People who think that the digital world is full of possibilities. Is that you? If so, it's time to be Squared.

To apply, you must have graduated from university with a 2.1 or a First in the last two years, and you must not currently be employed in the marketing or advertising industry. In addition, we would like you to tell us a bit more about yourself:

- Write a 200 word personal statement
- Write a tweet or a Facebook / LinkedIn post saying why you think you should be considered for a scholarship, and include this link in your tweet or post: https://goo.gl/T2pPR7
- Give us the link to your LinkedIn profile

Good luck!
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