GCY Custom Expedition Planning Questionnaire
Thank you for your interest in providing a Grand Canyon Youth expedition for your group! We are excited to get to know you and learn about your hopes for this experience.

Please complete this form; this should take you approximately 15 minutes. GCY does our best to provide the highest quality experience for the greatest number of groups; however, due to high demand every year, we may not always be able to fulfill requests for the upcoming season. Your responses to this form will help our Expedition Team identify if your group is a good fit for GCY for the coming year, and how we might best work together to support your youth!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Expedition Team M-F 9am-4pm at 928.773.7921
You can expect a follow up email or call from us to discuss your responses in more detail. Thank you for your time!

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Where is your group from? City, state, etc. *
Why do you want to offer this expedition for your group? What do you hope the youth will gain from this experience? *
Do you have a preliminary OK from your administration/leadership to go on a GCY expedition? (It's okay if you're still working for approval; let us know how we can help!) *
What is your anticipated group size (i.e. 10 youth, 2 adults)? *
What is your ideal trip length? *
Launch Dates
Most of the river sections we run require a government permit with specific launch dates. GCY does our best to acquire a permit or reservation that works for your schedule. Our ability to get specific launch dates varies by destination. We start the permitting process early; however, when trades are not possible you may be asked for flexibility within your schedule. Having multiple options available helps us secure a permit that works for everyone! Please consider one travel day before and after your expedition if you are coming from out of town. Also consider the time needed to plan a quality expedition- we like to typically have 3- 6 months prior to launch to work with groups.

Is there a range of dates or weeks that would be best for scheduling this expedition (please include the year)? *
Are there any firm parameters around these ranges (i.e. 'We cannot leave before the end of school on 6/1')? *
Do you need GCY to provide transportation (vehicles & drivers) for this expedition, or will your organization be providing transportation? *
GCY's Pre-Trip Requirements ask participants to complete a Service or Youth Earnings/Fundraising requirement in order to build up investment in their experience. What is your group's capacity to organize and complete a service project and/or a fundraiser? *
What is your sense of your group's financial need? *
Tell us a little bit about the group of participants you hope to serve with this expedition (i.e. ages, demographics, club vs class, experience camping/in the outdoors): *
Is there anything else you would like to share about you, your group, and/or the youth?
Thank you! We look forward to connecting with you soon!
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