Recruitment: The Global Model UN
Dear enthusiast,

We are glad to have you here to fill out this form. The Global Model United Nations (an initiative by The Global Foundation), with immense gratification invites the enthusiastic young intellect of the country, all in vibrant and indefatigable spirit to join TGMUN who could contribute in the making of the Global Citizens, raising the mark of knowledge and diplomacy.

The Global Model UN is hosting it's flagship conference, 2017 [2nd Session] in Lucknow (
In the case of any queries or suggestions, kindly reach us at

Please note the following departments along with its work profile:

1. Marketing -
a) Consumer Focus Research
b) Public Image
c) Branding
d) Directing the other departments according to the marketing needs of the organisation
e) Strengthening TGMUN's international presence
f) Recruiting for all departments
g) Managing TGMUN's Social Media Platforms (Facebook and Instagram)
h) Enlisting Potential Sponsors and negotiating with them based on predefined Sponsorship Slabs

2. Delegate Research -
a) Collecting delegate data (including most popular committees/agendas according to regions amongst other essentials)
b) Analysing various forms as requested by the other departments
c) Researching and summing information about prospective venues for TGMUN
d) Providing support to various TGMUN secretariats while registrations

3. Logistics (Administration) -
a) Finding a venue for TGMUN in a new city and entering into contracts/agreements
b) Providing logistical support to various secretariats by finding caterers, transport costs etc. for TGMUNs across India
c) Determining logistical factors like delegate fee and ensuring operating margin for TGMUNs across India.

4. Communications -
a) Maintaining a constant touch with TGMUN's personnel across the country
b) Maintaining touch with all TGMUN delegates through mass E-mails and similar means
c) Negotiating with schools/sponsors/other stakeholders towards mutual consensus and benefit
d) Negotiating on behalf of other departments if need arises
e) Managing TGMUN's Social Media Platforms (Facebook and Instagram)

5. Content Development -
a) IT:
i) Making committee photos
ii) Managing TGMUN website
iii) Strengthening all TGMUN's Facebook pages
b) Writing:
i) Writing posts on Facebook for various releases
ii) Writing invitations/proposals
iii) Writing content for TGMUN's website, if the need arises

6. Conference Affairs (Delegate Affairs)
a) Managing the Registration forms for Executive Board, Delegates and The Media Division
b) Inviting Schools for the particular conference
c) Handling the entire allotment procedure as defined by the Secretariat

Thank You.

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