CCS Basketball Activity Contract
By signing below I agree to abide by the rules of Community Christian School in all areas of conduct and eligibility. I recognize that I will be representing CCS and Jesus Christ while I am involved in this activity. Therefore, I will guard my attitude, words, and actions so that they reflect positively on Jesus Christ and my school.
My decision to join this team commits me to make every effort to be involved in every practice, to listen to and obey those that are leading this activity, and to give to the best of my ability at all times. If there is an unavoidable conflict that will cause me to miss a practice, game or meeting I will inform my coach in advance and receive his/her authorization.
Before participating in the activity, I will pay the applicable fee (see below) required to participate in this extra-curricular activity. I will also make sure that I have a valid physical examination report on file at the school (for those activities of a physical nature).
I have read and agree to abide by the eligibility requirements in regards to extra-curricular activities that are outlined in the CCS Handbook.


A student at CCS shall be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities unless the student has been declared ineligible for one of the following reasons:
1. Academic ineligibility will occur if a student receives a grade lower than a F on a mid-quarter or quarter grade in any of his/her classes.
2. Chemical use ineligibility will occur if there is a confirmed student possession or use of alcohol, non-prescription substance defined by law as a drug, inhalants, vaping or any tobacco product.
3. Disciplinary ineligibility will occur when a student’s behavior is deemed to be unacceptable by the administration and staff. (i.e. continual disrespect to coach, teachers or fellow students)

If I fail to live up to the agreement within this contract, I understand that I am subjecting myself to disciplinary action, which may include not being permitted to participate in the activity.
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Activity Fees- CCS charges a $180 ($230 for home/charter school) activity fee to help pay for uniforms, referees, equipment and other fees that go along with providing quality basketball program. In addition a $50 enrollment fee per school year is required for all Home school and Dream Academy families. Please contact the activities director if paying the activity fee would prevent you from participating in the activity. Please check the appropriate box below:
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Signature- By typing by name here I am agreeing to the above and my account will be billed the fee.
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