OBM1200 Route Sheet Setup
Use this form to change the route sheet Start Date, Distance Units, Elevation Units, and distance total types. All of the following fields are required. Don't leave anything blank. It can take Google 5 minutes to publish your changes. You may have to take a break and check back a wee Google bit later.
Starting Date and Time
The route sheet will calculate closing times and dates using the starting date and time.
Start Date and Time *
Select starting the date and time
Units of Measure
Statute or Metric? Day totals staring at zero or counting back from the end of the day?
Distance Units *
Miles or Kilometers
Distance Type *
Day shows the distance for the day, To Go shows the distance remaining
Elevation Units *
Choose Feet or Meters for elevation units.
Show or Hide Columns
You can trim Closing Time or Elevation from the route sheet.
Show Close Times? *
Column shows close times for each row in the route sheet.
Show Elevation? *
Column shows elevation for each row in the route sheet
Font Size
You can change the font size from 8 points to 12 points. Smaller is too tiny and larger won't fit on a portrait page.
Font Size *
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