Friends of Camp Mather 2022 Camper Survey
Thank you for visiting Camp Mather!   Friends of Camp Mather (FoCM) hopes you had a great week at Camp this summer!

As you may know, the FoCM mission is to promote, enhance, protect and support the traditional, recreation, social, environmental and historic aspects of Camp Mather. .

We want your feedback so we can continue to support Camp Mather staff and make your experience at Camp the best ever!

Please complete this quick survey and let us know your thoughts. We appreciate you taking the time and we will send a new Camp Mather bear sticker to all that respond.  

Please note that only one member of your party should fill out the survey! If any questions are not applicable to you or your party, or if you do not wish to answer a question, please write "N/A" in the box.

Thank you for your help!
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What week did you attend? *
Was this your first time at camp? *
If you answered "no" to the above question, how many summers have you attended camp? If you answered "yes" please write "N/A". *
Did you stay in a cabin or at a tent-site ? *
Who was in your party? (Check all that apply.) *
Camp Mather General Store
Please use this section to provide feedback about your experience at the Camp Mather General Store, which is operated by Friends of Camp Mather.   All profits directly support improvements at Camp.
Did you purchase any items from the Camp Mather General Store during your visit? Check all that apply. *
Do you have any suggestions for other items you'd like to see available for purchase at the General Store? *
Would you like the option to pay via ApplePay or another cashless app? *
Would you purchase gift cards, if available? *
Friends of Camp Mather (FoCM)
Please use this section to provide feedback about Friends of Camp Mather!
Did you purchase FoCM raffle tickets while at camp?
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Would you like the option to use a credit card or other cashless app to purchase raffle tickets?
Did you know about FoCM before coming to camp this year? *
Did you see the FoCM flyers in the Camper folder? *
Are you currently on the FoCM email list, if not are you interested in being added? *
Did you visit the FoCM website (  prior to joining the Camp Mather Lottery?
Do you follow FoCM on Social Media?  If so check all that apply.
What information about camp would you have liked to see on the FoCM website before attending Camp? Select all that apply.  *
Did you use the FoCM Packing List?   On a scale of 1 to 10, how helpful was the FoCM packing list? If you didn't use the list, please select 0. 
I didn't use the list.
Covered everything!
Would you be interested in volunteering with FoCM? (Special events, volunteer leader at camp, board service)
FoCM is also interested  in creating an Advisory Council and is looking for volunteers that would be available to consult in the following areas:   Retail Management, Human Resources, Legal, Marketing, Graphic Design, Financial.  Time commitment would be minimal.   Please let us know if you would be interested below and your area of expertise.  
Please let FoCM know if you have any other comments below.   Thank you for taking time to participate in the survey.
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