Library Space Application Form - Academic Year 2019–2020
According to Butler Library regulations, in order to apply you must be within seven years of your first date of registration, have completed your M. Phil., and have submitted an approved academic progress form during the current academic year through SSOL.

New regulations state that post-M.Phil. students have a right to individual library space for one academic year only. After receiving this guaranteed year of carrel privileges, you can apply for a renewal in subsequent years; eligible renewals will be considered and approved once all eligible first-time applicants have received their carrel assignments.

Please read the library policy carefully before answering the following questions. The policy is available on the English Department website under Graduate/Program Extras/Library Carrel Policy.

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Name: *
UNI: *
Year of Study *
(For the 2018-2019 academic year)
Date M.Phil. awarded or expected: *
(Month and year)
Are you on fellowship this year? *
Have you been allotted space in the library previously? *
If yes, how many years have you held the carrel and what is your date of contract expiration?
(NB: the date of expiration is one year from the date you were granted the carrel.)
Do you commute to Columbia? *
If yes, how long is your commute, and how many days per week on average do you come to campus?
(Estimate commute time based on a one-way trip.)
Do you have any dependents? *
If you have answered "No" to the previous two questions, please briefly explain why you are applying for library space this year:
If there are any special circumstances that are relevant to your carrel application, please list them here.
(For example, if you are breastfeeding and would find a carrel helpful.)
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