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FEN Organization Roundup
Results will be compiled into "Ecosystem Maps." This shouldn't take more than 10-15 minutes!

Also, CLICK "YOUR ANSWER" to fill in your responses on some of the questions. (Google's new interface is kind of confusing!)

Thank you!

~ CA Farmer Education Network - Information-Sharing workgroup: Clare Andino, Melanie Cheng, Meaghan Donovan, Kaley Grimland, Nathan Harkleroad and Jenna Segal

1. Your Organization Name
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2. Your First & Last Name
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3. Your Email Address
If we have any follow-up questions.
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4. Please summarize what your organization currently offers the farming community.
Please write a few, concise sentences! This will be shared with farmers along with a link to your site.
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5. If applicable, summarize any programs in development, which will be offered to the farming community within 2016.
Please write a few, concise sentences, if applicable.
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6. What does your organization offer the farming community in each focus area - SCROLL RIGHT:
Information will be made into "living" filterable database. SCROLL RIGHT with scrollbar at bottom of grid. If your organization offers more than one thing for a single row, please fill out the following Excel form instead, and send to
INFORMATION: Printed or online educational materials, references, etc.
PEOPLE: Consulting, advising, 1-on-1 assistance
PRODUCTS: Inputs, supplies, etc.
OTHER SERVICES: Business services, marketing services, production services, etc.
MONEY: Grants, loans, etc.
SECTOR REPORTS: Data & analytics about the sector overall
Business, Operations & Finance
Labor & HR
Marketing & Sales
Nature & Conservation
Policy & Regulations
Consumer Education
Culture, Spirit & the Movement
7. Which regions do you SERVE?
Check all that apply.
8. Where are you BASED?
Check all that apply.
9. Anything else you want to add or note?
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